2012 forms are now available for download!

First, read our Practice Manual. It explains the organic standards, the certification services we provide, and our operating policies.  We also have an instruction sheet designed to help you navigate among and select the forms you need to fill out.  Download the fees form and refer to the Practice Manual for information on how to select the correct fee for your operation, our policy for refunds, deadlines and late fees.  Download this deadline reminder for applicants reproduced from our Practice Manual.

Next, select the appropriate forms to complete your application or to amend your existing organic system plan.  We’ve organized it by activity–farm or processor (manufacturer)–below.


1. Certification Application.  Everyone fills this out.

2. Organic Farm Plan (crops). Whether it’s hay, tomatoes or apples you are growing and certifying, you need to complete this form.  For lowbush blueberries or sugarbush, see below.

3. Crop Supplement.  This form identifies which crops you are certifying and how much is being grown this year.

4. Blueberry Organic System Plan. This year we’ve made a special form for this unique crop.  If you don’t plan to harvest organic lowbush blueberries, don’t worry about this form.

5. Maple Syrup and Sugarbush Organic System Plan.  Maple syrup producers need this form.

6. Livestock Organic Farm Plans. Select from three. Please note that if you are planning to transition a dairy herd to organic, you must talk to a staff person first (568-4142).  Select from livestock (beef, pork, goat, lamb and replacement animal), poultry (including eggs), or dairy intent.

7. Value added on-farm production. Simple, on-farm processing and handling of organic product may be described using the on-farm processing form. More complex processing and handling operations must use our organic handling plan form. A product profile must accompany each product you certify (download under “B” below).

8.  The following are other forms typically needed to complete a organic farm plan.

Field history.  Every field needs to have this documentation.

Landowner affidavit.  If you don’t own the land,  you need one of these forms.

Greenhouse history.  If you grow crops in a tunnel, greenhouse or hoophouse, complete this form.

9.  We have forms for specialty production.  They include mushrooms, and apiculture (honey), and edible sprouts.  Please contact the office for more information about the standards for each.

10. Farmers must check and sign an organic producers endorsement to complete the application.

If you wish to use our MOFGA Certified Seal on your product’s label, you will need to submit this permit form.


This section is for handlers, processors, traders, and manufactures of organic products.

1. You need to complete an organic handling plan and a product profile for each multi-ingredient product you produce or market.

2. Use our single ingredient form to list all the organic product you handle and repackage.

3. MCS will guide you if you need any of the following ingredient verification forms: Verification of Ingredient Status, Verification that Ingredient Meets National List Annotation, or Verification of Certified Organic Ingredient Retail Purchase.

4. If you are handling/processing meat (e.g., slaughterhouses) we have a special  slaughterhouse add-on form for this specialized production.

5.  Finally, processor/handlers must check and sign an organic producers endorsement to complete the application.

If you wish to use our MOFGA Certified Seal on your product’s label you will need to submit this permit form.

If you need assistance in determining which forms you need call MCS staff at 568-4142 or email certification@mofga.org.  Remember to make copies of everything you submit to MCS for your own files!

2012 Certification Forms Available for Download

Practice Manual Instruction Sheet Fees Form
Deadline Reminder Certification Application Organic Farm Plan (Crops)
Crop Supplement Blueberry OG System Plan Maple OG System Plan
Livestock Poultry Dairy Intent
On-Farm Processing Field History Landowner Affidavit
Greenhouse History Mushroom Supplement Apiculture (Honey)
Sprout Supplement OG Producers Endorsement Logo Permit Form
OG Handling Plan Multi-Ingred Product Profile Single-Ingred Product Profile
Verification of Ingred. Status Verification that Ingredient Meets National List Annotation Verification of Cert. OG Ingredient Retail Purchase
Slaughterhouse Add-On OG Processors Endorsement  Wild Crop Harvesting


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