Welcome to our website.

We offer certification services to Maine organic farmers and processors and handlers of organic agricultural products.  We certify organic agricultural products to the USDA National Organic Standards.  Look for the MOFGA Certified Organic seal at farmers markets and stores when you shop.

Products we certify include vegetables, fruits, herbs, field crops, wild crafted crops, maple syrup, hay, livestock and livestock products, dairy, and value-added products such as cheese, roasted coffee, preserves, baking mixes, and specialty oils.  Click here for more info on the services we provide.

We certify approximately 350 farms and 40 processors within the state of Maine.  Click this to view a list of our certified producers or to search for a particular organic product.

Do you need to better understand the organic standards and certification protocols?  Click this to view some excellent web sources for information.

Prefer in-person training?  MCS Staffers are giving presentations about getting certified at various locations in Maine starting with the Agricultural Trades Show in Augusta on Tuesday, January 12, 2010.  Click this link for the complete schedule of in-person trainings and seminars.

To download forms, policies and instructions for completing a certification application or amending an organic system plan, go to our Certification Forms page.

To learn more about MOFGA, our parent organization, and the many programs and resources MOFGA offers, please visit  www.mofga.org

Email: certification@mofga.org


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